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System Benefits

  • PressurePro assists in lowering maintenance costs, reducing fuel use and saving tire tread
  • Properly inflated tires last longer. The life of your tire is extended due to less tread wear
  • Use PressurePro to easily check your tires for proper inflation, which prevents dangerous conditions that can lead to accidents
  • PressurePro greatly improves your ability to react to sudden tire air pressure loss. The low pressure alert is immediately displayed on your dashboard Monitor, and indicates the failing tire's pressure
  • Greater stability, handling and braking with properly inflated tires
  • PressurePro requires no costly installation, installs in minutes with no tools
  • Opportunity to analyse the statistique data

Tire Pressure Control System

L&S's PressurePro, the high-tech wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System, is the finest tire pressure monitoring system on the market today.

What PressurePro does: The system monitors the air pressure of each tire and can alert to low pressure. The tire position and air pressure of each tire is displayed on a small Monitor mounted in the vicinity of the dashboard. To manually check each tire's pressure, just press a button and scroll through each tire position. PressurePro is set to read tire pressure 12,343 times every day! This is significant monitoring! No system on the market has this kind of coverage–most others only react to low pressure.

PressurePro works on spare tires too! Simply place a Sensor on the spare tire and then check that pressure anytime by viewing it on the Monitor! Of course, the Monitor will also let you know when that tire drops below the trigger pressure threshold by alerting you of the low-pressure tire.

Basic Specifications

  • PressurePro displays current tire pressures for up to 34 tires
  • Tire pressure control in the range from 0,7 to 10,45  atm.
  • Tire air pressure is constantly monitored, while moving or parked
  • Pressure alert is immediately transfer to monitor via radio signal
  • Double threshold of low tire pressure signals: Alerts at 12.5% and again at 25% loss