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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Basic Functions

Calculating modules:

  • Calculation, equalizing, the text document formation and drawing:
    • field traverse
    • the results of tachymetric and trigonometric survey measurements
    • the results of the notches method measurements
    • the results of the ordinates method measurements
    • the results of leveling survey
    • electronic devices (Topcon, Trimble, 3TA5, Leica, Nikon, Sokkia, Geodimeter) data.
  • Mine workings profiles calculation with an arbitrary quantity of parameters (soil and the roofing of mine working; mine working's width, height; the height of cable laying, the height of conveyor, the width of working passage etc.)
  • Joints precalculation, the text document formation and drawing the results


  • Automatic and semiautomatic construction of the mine workings planned projections on the reference points using clamps
  • Automatic construction of the mine workings profiles with an arbitrary quantity of parameters
  • Automatic construction of the mine workings three-dimensional models
  • Automatic construction of the bore holes planned projections on the indicated layer
  • Automatic construction of the bore holes lithographic columns in the assigned ranges of marks and the diverse variants of tyings
  • Automatic construction of the bore holes axes's three-dimensional models


  • Horizontal lengths on the straight line and along the curvilinear trajectories measurements
  • Horizontal and vertical angles measurements
  • True lengths and volumes of the mine workings sections measurements
  • Marking the mine workings sections on the plane and in the three-dimensional space
  • Measurement of areas in the outlines of arbitrary form

Graphic documents's preparation:

  • Cartographic arbitrary symbols, types of lines and shadings libraries(with the possibility of its own completion)
  • Control the cartographic documents elements visualization order and their automatic sorting
  • Semiautomatic formation the number of the cartographic elements (ravines, structure, railroads...)
  • Automatic formation the printings-out attributic information for the assigned size, scale, arrangement and orientation

Information support:

  • Functions which bind model's graphic objects with the text-numerical information and possibility to administrate this information
  • Search and select models functions using connected data

Now SAMARA system contains more than 100 different functions, which ensure development and completion of the mine working model at the mining enterprise, and model using for the solution of the laboratory problems of mine-surveyor — geological service

System of the Automation of Mine Surveryor Works - "SAMARA"

Designed by  "Laboratory of Complex Technologies"

Basic Purpose:
Daily operations automation office studies information by the mine-surveyor (geological — mine-surveyor) division of the mining enterprise.

System provides:

  • input, accumulation and processing field measurements data with their subsequent graphic mapping
  • conducting the complex of the graphic works, connected with mapping of the current state of mine workings, by their design and by the control of conducting
  • conducting measuring and marking operations in planned projection and in three-dimensional space
  • the automatic formation of the mine workings three-dimensional models
  • preparation and the production mining graphic documentation (different designation and scales)
    input, accumulation and processing the data about the geological structure of mountain outlet, obtained in the course of reconnaissance boring, sinking and cleaning works
  • the three-dimensional space models of relief and geological layers formation and analysis


Key system features:

  • Platform — AutoCAD 2004 (2005, 2006) and all their derivatives (Map, Land Desktop, Inventor, Mecanical Desktop, Architectural Desktop, Civil Design...)
  • Instrument of development — C++ (ObjectARX, MVS)
  • Classification — tactical CAD/GIS- system of light class

Why the system was created?

In the production activity of the mining enterprise geological — mine-surveyor service occupies special position. Considering that circumstance, that data of this service are a source of the initial information about the geometry of mine workings, rates and characteristics of sinking and cleaning works, quantity and quality indicators of obtained mineral, it is possible to speak, that precisely here is located the beginning of information traffics and the effectiveness of the work of enterprise depends on the quality of this information in many respects. The special feature of the work of geological- mine-surveyor service is the need for operating the large volumes of the different information, accumulated in tens years. It's a data of field measurements, and large massifs of the three-dimensional connected numerical information, and, finally, graphic documentation of the most varied nature. Combined analysis of all these data is the very labor-consuming and scrupulous process, where the computer information tehnologies can get the greatest effect, making standard operations and calculations, lowering the probability of subjective errors and ensuring reliable storage and rapid access to the large massifs of data.

How does it work?

The essence of the SAMARA system application consists in the development of the mine enterprise information-geometric model, its (model) current completion and use for the solution of the laboratory data processing problems: design, settlement, graphic. The built-in set of instruments make it possible to perform processing data of field measurements, to document it, to supplement the graphic part of the model on the basis of the obtained results, to prepare the graphic documentation of different designation and scales, to carry out design calculations and tracings. The geological subsystem FataMorgana makes it possible to develop, to edit and to analyze the models of geological layers and topographic surface on the basis of different data. SAMARA is capable to completely replace working plane-tables and other forms of graphic documentation. Paper documents lose their value as the working material of mine-surveyor, remaining only the form of "external" contact (into another service, in another organization, etc.).

The fact that SAMARA is AutoCAD application, ensures the widest integration of its technology with another AutoCAD applications. It is possible to find the systems, which expand the SAMARA's technology of to any necessary side, among more than 4000 only officially registered AutoCAD applications. The same circumstance provides the great possibilities of the graphic data exchange with other graphic (and not graphic) systems.

Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana — the system of simulation and analysis of three-dimensional multiparametric surfaces.

Key system features:

  • Platform — AutoCAD 2004 (2005, 2006) and all their derivatives (Map, Land Desktop, Inventor, Mecanical Desktop, Architectural Desktop, Civil Design...)
  • Instrument of development — C++ (ObjectARX, MVS)
  • Classification — tactical CAD/GIS- system of light class.

Basic purpose — simulation and the analysis of the objects, which can be three-dimensional surfaces.

Fata Morgana is the SAMARA's module, but it can be used as the independent system which provides decision of the wide circle of tasks, and be used together with other applications AutoCAD in the most different branches.

The models of system Fata Morgana are the three-dimensional surface, which can have an arbitrary quantity of other parameters (for example: seam thickness (or the roof's mark of the mine workings), the content of the component or humidity of rocks, gas content, density, mechanical strength, etc.),what can be expressed by the number. Actually, this model consists as of the several networks (according to the number of parameters being present in the model). So, the simulation object can be for example, the earth surface, quarry, geological or ore layer, roads and reservoirs. The system allows to carry out simultaneous processing of any quantity of models (limited only by the computer's resources), that offers the possibility of the simulation of the geological structure of territory.

The system's name — Fata Morgana — reflects the characteristic of the technology of model's formation and editing in the system. So, the networks constructed by it are not the AutoCAD's objects (do not load figure with an great quantity of objects, that's why the work with system is much easy and rapid), but network's phantoms (mirages, ghosts) are present in the session (visible or invisible — at will of operator), that allows to use its data. Between the sessions, the model is situated in the external data base. However, the network's phantoms can be easily transformed into the standard three-dimensional AutoCAD's networks (objects of the 3DFACE type). Means of the system's analysis work not only with the phantom models of networks. Using functions (construction of contour lines, profiles, intersections, the calculation of volumes, etc.) can be processed networks from AutoCAD objects (3DFACE and POLYMESH).