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Load and Fuel Level Control System

Load control system (LCS) installed on BelAz haulers is designed for:

  • Measuring the weight of transported load
  • Prompting an excavator operator at reaching the optimum load
  • Automatic acquisition and storing the information on date and time of each load, load weight, run, volume of traffic, etc in the register.
  • Automatic acquisition and transfer to the control center the information on a transport vehicle operation within the System
  • Simplification of suspension cylinder group filling with nitrogen gas (with the help of additional data input mode – "Pressure gauge")

Load control system cannot be used for accounting and is not subject to qualification as a weight meter (according to the existing regulations).

LCS ensures balanced and accurate loading of trucks and helps to avoid underloads and overloads, thus, considerably increasing average operational productivity of trucks and durability, which brings down the cost of export work.