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Functional Modules


This module set is a base of the System and provides its basic functions of trucks and excavators work control and monitoring. We can mark out the following blocks:

  • RealtimeKit (modules for open-pit operation control in real-time mode, mine production management module)
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  • AnalyticKit (modules for open-pit operation analisys)
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  • SetupKit (System tuning and supplemental information entering)
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System Structure

The dispatch control system "KARJER" contains the following equipment:

Dispatch Control System - "KARJER"

Dispatch control system "KARJER" has been introduced to the mining imdustry since 1999. Today this system is beeing applied successfully not only on the territory of Russia, but also outside of it (in Ukraine, Mogolia).

Features and benefits of the System allow:

  • increase productive time for the use of equipment during working shift
  • ensure resource saving and reaching the necessary volumes of production at the same time
  • increase working and technical discipline of employees
  • develop the basis for objective evaluation of different services and factory sectors activities
  • create background for regular repairs and maintenance of a company’s car park
  • lay the foundation for the optimization of traffic


"KARJER" mining-and-transport complex dispatch system implementation is aimed at increasing operational control efficiency of production and enhanceing  integrity and operability of accounting and control of mining-and-transport complex application.

Sources of Information:

  • Position, speed, course sensors (GPS)
  • Car load sensor
  • Fuel level sensors
  • Actual digital modelling of mining
  • Company database management

Consumers of information:

  • Control centre of a factory as well as various users of a local comany network – information on current condition and position of cars
  • Other engineering facilities of a company – history for the real operating regime of equipment, downtime, daily run, volume of transported load