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Critical Data from Mobile Vehicles Demands High-
Speed Wireless Solution
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Fleet Telematics

Comply with working time directive
Direct connectivity with digital tachographs provides you with real time information about driving times and breaks, and helps you to plan more effectively the use of your driver resources.

Improve fleet deployment
FMS-CAN interface gives you the exact information about fuel consumption, driving style, vehicle condition and distance to the next service. Having this information easily available helps you to improve driver performance and to make most of your vehicles.

Control your communication costs
Intelligent roaming management automatically detects your vehicle driving abroad. You can define which messages are worth sending and which should be stored for later sending once back home. Keep your communications costs to a minimum and avoid any surprises.

Make a long term profitable investment

Modem interface of your device allows you to connect PC's or other devices at a later stage and still benefit from the A1 device in your vehicle. Large set of connections and possibility for wireless software updates allow your vehicle telematics unit to meet your growing needs also in the future.

Improve your trailer utilisation and maintenance
Intelligent power management and battery options allow you to use your device also in your trailers, where powers supply is not always available. Knowing exactly where your trailers are and how long they have been pulled helps you to use your trailers more efficiently, to apply mileage based service intervals and to save money.

Keep your vehicles moving
Aplicom's long experience, dual processor architecture and extensive testing result high reliability. You can be sure that your telematics devices work wherever you drive.